Nourish Breakfast

Nourish Breakfast

from 12.00

Do you have guests coming over for an event? A morning conference or office meeting? Or maybe you're hosting a day-time workshop and want some nibbles? The Nourish Breakfast is the perfect solution.

Starting at only $12 per person for as little as 12 people, the Nourish Breakfast comes with:

  • locally-brewed One Village Coffee
  • fresh cold-pressed juice 
  • an assortment of gluten-free mini-muffins 

If you're interested in a more filling option, opt-in for a fluffy, homemade Frittata made with local organic vegetables in our farm kitchen. 


After placing an order, we'll reach out within 2 business days to confirm details. If you'd like it delivered, you must add the Local Delivery product with the appropriate amount to your order

If you have a larger number than 48 people to cater for, feel free to call us at The Organic Life Farm to place your order. If you need a more specific number, add as many individual (1) products to your order as long as the minimum 12 people is met. 

We'll see you soon with fresh muffins and coffee!

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